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It's Not Too Late...

So we’re almost through January, and you’re probably feeling one of two ways about your 2019 goals. Either you’re crushing your goals, checking off the boxes, and meeting your expectations, or you’re feeling down in the dumps because it’s almost February and you haven’t been able to keep up with the goals you laid out for yourself. Believe me, I get it. I tend to be so excited about a new year that I set my expectations high...sometimes too high...and it comes back to bite me. Well here’s the amazing thing! You can start a new goal ANYTIME YOU WANT!!! No need to wait for a new week or a new month or a new year...just do it! On the other hand, if you’re realizing that you may have been a little bit too ambitious with your goal-setting, you can ALWAYS revise your goals, scale things back, or set more realistic goals. Goal setting is a fluid process which is one of the reasons we track them, right?

If one of your goals is to start running, I have a few words of wisdom for you….

1️⃣You don’t need a lot of any techy gadgets-although getting fitted for a pair of running shoes is important! Specialized clothing is a nice extra but certainly not necessary.

2️⃣Set realistic goals. As a new runner, maybe set your sights on a 5K that is two or three months down the road.

3️⃣Train properly. There are a lot of ready-made training plan out there (couch to 5k, etc), local running clubs, or an awesome running coach 😉😉who will write a personalized plan for you.

4️⃣Track your training. On an app or in a notebook or journal, whatever suits you. Track your miles, pace, how you felt, what you ate, etc. You will start to see patterns that will improve your training.

5️⃣Be prepared for detours and roadblocks. They will happen, but you will overcome! Every run is a new opportunity to learn and grow. Fall down seven times, get up eight. Literally and figuratively.

6️⃣ Stick to your training, but be flexible enough to see when you need to make changes. Illness, injury, family priorities, and work issues will come up and it’s ok to change up your training schedule and even (gasp!) miss a run here or there to take care of these priorities. Just remember-YOU ARE A PRIORITY TOO!!!!

Happy running, friends!

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